ISO install via IPMI/BMC for AMD Ryzen based servers

Create an IPMI session in the control panel

Go to your server and press the console button. Proceed with starting an IPMI session.


Enable Media Redirection

Navigate to "Settings" > "Media Redirection Settings"


Verify VMedia Instance Settings

Navigate to "VMedia Instance Settings" and verify that each of the fields have "1" specified. If these fields are set to another value, please change them to "1" and click Save. Go back and navigate to "General Settings".


Configure General Settings

Configure the options in General Settings as shown in the image below and click Save. Allow for 10 - 20 seconds for the connection to be made.

Server address:
Path in server: /mnt/iso
Share Type for CD/DVD: nfs


Mount your ISO

Navigate to "Image Redirection" in the main menu and "Remote Media". Select your ISO from the dropdown menu and mount it with the Play-button. If your preferred ISO is not listed, please contact us to have the ISO downloaded.


Reboot server and open Boot Menu with F11

Open the Remote Console and select "Reset server" from the Power menu. Follow the boot process and when you see the first POST messages, click F11 to activate the boot menu.


Select the option "UEFI: AMI Virtual CDROM0 1.00" from the menu to install your preferred operating system. When you are done, go back to "Image Redirection" and dismount your ISO.

Last updated on 22nd Sep 2021